Do You Have Pain in Your Knees or Legs?

Knee and Leg Pain

Knees and legs take a lot of beatings on a daily basis. They are a key part of our mobility. Often, we don’t think about our knees and legs, until they start hurting.

Knee and leg pain can affect our mobility and limit our activities. Chronic pain feels stressful. Pain also makes it difficult to concentrate or accomplish our daily tasks.

Knee and leg pain can affect the way we sit, stand, drive, or climb stairs. It can affect our posture and balance, and put strain on other parts of the body, like our feet and back. Pain in our knees and legs can even affect how well we sleep. Lack of sleep affects our whole health.

When people are hurting in their knees or legs, it puts a damper on all stages of life. When we’re young, we want to be active, running and playing. No one wants to sit on the sidelines. When we’re older, we don’t want knee or leg pain to limit the kind of work we can do, or keep us from being able to concentrate and get through the day. We also have kids and grandkids to keep up with. It’s no fun when knee and leg pain slows us down.

Do Chiropractors Help with Knee and Leg Pain?

Chiropractic care can help alleviate pain in the legs and knees. Often, people think of chiropractic manipulation for backs and necks. But painful knees and legs can benefit from chiropractic care as well. Chiropractic treatment helps the whole body.

Sometimes, the problem causing the pain originates in the leg or knee. This can throw the whole body out of alignment. Stress in the legs can affect the spine. And vice versa. Favoring a leg can also affect the rest of the body. Even shoulders can be affected by a leg injury, and the way the injured person tries to compensate when walking.

At other times, leg pain or knee pain might be a symptom of a back or a hip that is out of alignment. The spine is central to the body’s functioning. When one part is out of alignment, it can affect the whole body. This can cause a lot of discomfort. Nerves can also become constricted and muscles strained.

The beauty of the spine is that with a few adjustments, many problems can be cleared up. Chiropractic care helps ease the body into realignment. This lifts the strain that can cause pain in the legs or knees.

There is no need to simply put up with or ignore chronic knee or leg pain. Chiropractic techniques offer so many benefits to alleviate pain. When you ignore this pain, you allow the problem to become worse. This puts a strain on your body.

Knees Take a Lot of Pressure

The knee especially is a very intricate joint. Chronic pain might be uncomfortable but bearable. But if left untreated, the problem might get worse. Continued stress on your knees, along with overcompensation for the pain, might lead to a more difficult knee problem.

Knees take a lot of stress in general. They can be affected by different types of physical exercise, like running, swimming, or horseback riding. Walking up or down stairs or hills can be hard on the knee joint. Knees can also be affected by the way we sit.

Obesity puts a lot of pressure on the knees. Nutritional deficiencies can also affect the knee joint. Painful knees, in turn, can put stress on legs, feet, hips, back, and even shoulders and neck.

Leg Pain: Causes and Effects

Pain in the legs might run down the side, or the front or back. Pain might start at the top of the leg and be connected to hip or back pain. Or the leg might hurt around the knee, ankle, or foot. Sciatic inflammation in the back can also cause leg pain.

Sometimes the spine and hip may be out of alignment, with pain going from the back all the way down the hip and leg. One whole side of the body might feel tied in knots, simply because the spine is out of alignment.

With chiropractic care, a few adjustments can help that whole side of the body ease back into place. Chiropractic treatments can help the spine and hips realign. This realignment lifts pressure off the nerves and muscles, so the body can begin to move normally again.

Chiropractic Treatments from Head to Toe

Depending on the initial cause of pain, it’s not unusual for a chiropractic adjustment of the spine or hips to relieve leg or knee pain. Your chiropractor will work with your knees and legs. But the chiropractor will also check to see if other areas, such as hips or back, are contributing to this pain.

After treating your legs or knees with chiropractic techniques, your chiropractor can recommend follow-up care, such as gentle exercises and heat or cold therapy. Your chiropractor can also help you with preventive care for legs and knees. It’s important to learn appropriate posture. You will also learn how to minimize stress to your legs and knees.

The human body has a wonderful capacity to heal. Chiropractic care helps the body ease back into proper alignment, so the natural process of healing can begin. There is no reason to endure chronic leg or knee pain. Chiropractic care can help alleviate pain naturally.

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