Have You Experienced a Workplace Injury?

Work Injury

You work hard. You’ve invested a lot of time and training into your job. What happens when a work-related injury interferes?

A work injury can be very stressful. The pain of the injury is hard enough to deal with. But what happens when that injury keeps you from doing your job? A work-related injury doesn’t just affect you at work. It can affect every part of your life.

Causes of Work Injury

Accidents on the job can cause work injuries. Strain from heavy lifting, or injuries from operating heavy machinery, are other common causes of work injury. Even near misses, bracing yourself from falling or from being hit, can cause injury. The bracing motion can throw your body out of alignment and cause strain and stress.

Work injuries can also occur from repetitive stress. This might include carpal tunnel, tendinitis, or bursitis. Sometimes, the nature of your job might lead to overextending without adequate time for your body to rest and repair. When you’re used to doing a task, it’s easy to ignore the warning signs until a significant injury occurs.

It’s Important to Assess a Work Injury

Unless a work injury is extreme, it’s easy for people to ignore the injury or just put up with the limitations. No work injury should be ignored. Not only do injuries affect the way you feel and the way you do your job. But also, an unattended injury might get worse or cause other problems, including a greater risk to your safety at work.

When a work injury occurs, it is important to have the injury immediately assessed and treated properly. An injury, and the body’s reaction to it, can create bigger problems down the road, if not treated well. While the first goal of treatment is to heal the injured area, an equally important goal is rehabilitation. This will help you get back on the job and get your life back.

Goal: Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care can help you with rehabilitation from a work injury. The benefits of chiropractic care include working with the injured area to reduce pain and restore range of motion, to help with soft tissue repair, and to allow the body’s natural healing process to take place. Your chiropractor’s goal is to help you return to full mobility, so you can continue with your work and get back to enjoying life.

Your chiropractor will provide care for your work injury that includes:

  • Examining the injury and any related problems.
  • Checking for any other issues in the skeleton, muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Creating a comprehensive plan to get you back to work.
  • Using chiropractic techniques to adjust and help the body realign properly.
  • Helping soft tissue injuries to heal through massage and other non-invasive techniques.
  • Providing exercises to increase range of motion and restore the injured area to normal functioning.
  • Using heat or ice therapy as needed.
  • Assessing and correcting underlying conditions, like improper posture, that might help prevent future injuries.
  • Helping you address any lifestyle concerns, such as nutrition or stress, that might be affecting your skeletal-muscular and nervous systems.

Giving Your Body a Chance to Heal

Chiropractic care focuses on healing and restoration. Your chiropractor will help to give your body every opportunity to heal naturally. Every chiropractic technique and approach will be toward naturally healing and restoring mobility.

A work injury can affect every area of your life. While accidents do happen, many types of work injuries can be avoided. It’s important to stay safe on the job. Your chiropractor can help you understand how your job impacts your body, and the safety steps needed for the type of work you do. This will help you anticipate and minimize problems. When you understand how your work affects your body’s alignment and mobility, and vice versa, you will be better prepared to protect yourself on the job.

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