What To Expect

What we do in our clinic and how we will help you.

Initial exam (first visit):

We evaluate the structures of your body to determine the reason for your pain and if there are Neurologic (Nerve), Orthopedic (Bone) and or soft tissue (ligament, tendons & muscle) injuries contributing to your condition.

On this visit you may receive the following care:

  1. 1
    Relaxation – sometimes the muscles, ligaments and tendons don’t want the joint to move. Muscle stimulation, heat and massage relax the joints so that additional movement can be applied.
  2. 2
    Adjustment – movement to a joint of the spine or extremities is applied by the doctor in different forms. Manual, IQ Adjusting Instrument
  3. 3
    Inflammation reduction – when a joint has stopped moving due to a current injury or an injury over time. The body does it’s best to repair that injury by supplying blood to that injury with the necessary nutrients. The blood that comes into the injured area creates swelling and may cause additional injury, this is called inflammation. To reduce inflammation, we will apply multiple treatment modalities.
  4. 4
    Joint stabilization & support – When the spine and or joints have been injured, the tissue surrounding the joint may be unstable and have difficulty maintaining the integrity of the joint structure. By applying athletic taping, back/joint bracing and or orthotics, we can improve the recovering time and reduce the risk of further injury.
  5. 5
    Healing assistance – With all the benefits Chiropractic provides, sometimes the body needs help in the healing process:
  • Dietary & nutritional counseling to provide the proper nutritional building blocks for healing.
  • Category 4 Deep Tissue Laser to active the body’s own healing abilities.

Review of Findings (second visit):

We evaluate the effects of your treatment and determine a plan that will achieve the goals set by you and the doctor. The number of visits will be determined on this visit based on the injury and type of treatment required.

Reached your treatment goals:

The next step will be to maintain joint movement, strength and function. We will discuss this at the re-evaluation.

We look forward to seeing you.

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